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    Hailing from Naples, Caterina lives a nomadic existence in a multi-cultural context since adolescence; moving between Germany, England, Scotland and France where her creative spirit found full expression. Her artistic development starts in Paris where she arrives with her family in 2006. In search of direction to express her emotions and a way to share her passion for art, she looks for ways to transmit her love of life by playing with contrasts, complementarities and opposing colours and materials.

Caterina paints as she lives, one can compare her to a dormant volcano : when she creates her unique works there is first a maturation time where she dives into her inner self in search of a spiritual way to seek harmony in the duality between force and fragility, light and shadow; then comes an explosion of a vital inner force that is apparent in her paintings as well as in her porcelain pieces.

«Beyond the aesthetic,there is a natural inclination to make each artwork a mirrow of my kaleidoscopic soul.If my work is a result of an introspective process, it is far from being a self-orientated experience as I feel always the need to transmit and share my energy, my emotions and my joie-de-vivre. My objective is to express through my work my feelings, to raise questions and to bring an element of surprise.»

    Creator of ambiences wherever she lives, she leaves her original mark in a unique way. She therefore cannot be classified as part of an artistic trend but as a spontaneous happening. She is guided by her intuition, having invented her own technique that combines materials and colours in a unique way (pigments, copper, silver and gold leaves, sand, glass, Japanese washi paper, etc.…)  all of which confers an exclusive style.She combines painting on porcelain and on canvas in projects that bring together these two media breaking down established barriers in the process.

Caterina is looking to express her full range of emotions that she wants to share with us in her perpetually evolving world.  Each arrival in a new country is both a reconstruction from scratch and a wrenching rupture from deep-rooted experiences established in her previous abode. The intensity of this experience becomes a source of inspiration combining suffering and longing with the intense joy of discovering new horizons.

Her influences come from her own background, her travels and life experiences in different countries around the world and her attraction of the East: with a husband of Indian origin and a sister living in Japan. Her openness towards others, towards the potential richness in the unknown and in cultural diversity sums up Caterina in her entirety, her insatiable curiosity who paints as well as cooks with the same vitality, inspiration and overflowing passion.

Her works accompany her in each country where she lives and exhibits and can be found in private collections worldwide including the US, Australia, Argentina, Singapore, Japan, Scotland, England, Germany, Italy, France….   

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